Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church: Kansas City

Orthodox Interviews: Faith in Fitness & Fighting with Special Forces Ultra-Athlete Evan Perperis

September 20, 2021

A modern look into people living the ancient faith.  In our 2nd long form podcast Fr. Dino interviews his co-host, Evan Perperis.  Evan is a active duty Army Special Forces officer and professional Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athlete who specializes in races from 5-24 hours in length.  They talk growing up Orthodox in America, the challenges of being Christian in the military, the surprising way ultra-endurance sports relates to faith and more.


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Did you miss the first long form podcast?  Check it out here where we talk with Fr. Dino on his journey into the Priesthood and what some of the challenges he deals with on a weekly basis here in Annunciation's 130th podcast here:

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